Astral Plane

Many cultures have references to the astral plane some examples of these are the Dreaming of the Australian Aborigines, the Spirit-world of Shamanism, the Duart of the ancient Egyptians, the Bardo of the Tibetans.

The Astral plain is a plane of existence and perception paralleling the physical plane. It can be accessed during our sleeping hours during out-of-body experiences, It is then when our spirit can travel into other dimensions where we can perceive the beings of that world. This is the area where psychics make contact with their spirit guides, and see things yet to happen in the future. Unlike the material world, which is made up of atoms and molecules, the astral plane is a world of thoughts. Because of this it is not three-dimensional, it is an area that is all around and all encompassing. Objects can be viewed from all directions at the same time and emotions become visible and tangible, as are material objects on the earth plain.

The mystic and psychic Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society said that the Astral Plane consisted of seven levels, each inhabited by an assortment of different beings. The astral plane is believed to be far more mutable than the physical and is said to be changed and altered simply by the power of thought. The astral plane is thought to have many entities and levels to it and operates at a much higher frequency than the physical plane that we inhabit. The astral plane is also sometimes termed the world of emotion or world of illusion, and corresponds to Blavatsky's Kamic Plane. Some forms of Theosophy state that the astral world vibrates its energy through astral atoms that exist alongside and within the physical world without conflict. According to esoteric doctrine, there are a number of different planes, or levels of reality. The names usually given to these planes are listed in order of materiality, rising from the denser to the finer. These are the Physical, Astral, Mental, Buddhic, and Nirvanic.

The lower level are said to be inhabited by none human entities. Among which are the elementals: slyphs (air spirits), salamanders (fire), gnomes (earth) and nymphs or undines (water). And the various nature spirits, such as fairies, pixies, elves, trolls, fauns, imps, and goblins. These beings have their own forms but can assume any appearance at will. Under ordinary conditions they are not visible to physical sight, but they have the power to materialise at will. This is also the place of the demonic kingdom where seriously dysfunctional people go when they pass over.

The higher realms are inhabited by the Ascended masters and other sages and saintly people who have lived their lives on earth at some time in the past. The levels above this are occupied by beings who have never lived a life as humans; these are the angelic kingdoms.

It is said by many psychics that the astral planes are in many ways similar to the earth plane. And that people carry on living their lives in much the same way as they do here on earth. The difference being that people do not have to eat, sleep or function as humans. It is a place of abundant love, but there isn't physical love

Ascended masters

Ascended masters are enlightened spiritual beings who once lived on earth and who have undergone the process of ascension. Many ascended masters have chosen to stay connected with souls on earth in order to help and support their development. Throughout history, there have been stories of individuals who have reached a higher state of spiritual awareness and placed themselves in service to humanity. They remain attentive to the spiritual needs of humanity, and act as superintendents of its spiritual growth.The Ascended Masters have worked with mankind throughout the centuries and include such people as: Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Mother Mary. St Germain, Sri Ramakrishna and many others.

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