Astral Projection

Astral projection, also known as an out-of-body experience, is a state in which we dream or day dream about flying or floating to places where we may meet spirit guides, guardian angels or deceased relatives. Some people report experiencing themselves rising above their body whilst it lies sleeping below. It’s a state in which our etheric body, spirit or mind separates from the physical body, as it sleeps. As it does this the etheric body begins to operate at a higher frequency allowing it to travel to the astral plane.

Psychics say that their consciousness or soul is transferred into an astral body or ‘double’. However, astral travel isn’t restricted to psychics but can be learnt and practised by any one. Through conscious astral projection one is able to remember events occurring during an astral journey. Conscious astral projection can be induced through deep meditative states. Some individuals leave their bodies from the solar plexus area, while others leave from the third eye or the crown chakra.

Astral projection isn’t restricted to psychics or students of metaphysics. Any one can achieve it through meditation or lucid dreaming. It is also a common practice of Shamans to use drums, rattles, chanting and dance to bring about an altered state of consciousness where astral projection is induced. Astral travel or out- of- body experience is treated as a normal aspect of some cultures, for example tribes in New Guinea believe that the soul travels astrally during the night and experiences are remembered vividly in the morning. Astral projection was also used by many ancient civilisations including the Aztec Indians and the Egyptians. It is also a highly sort after goal in neo-Paganism.

Some psychics and metaphysical researches regard the astral body or spirit body as a separate part of our being and that our consciousness or soul exists in a world known as the astral plane. This more subtle, energy body, is believed to carry the consciousness outside of the physical body to the astral plane. The subtle body (the term "light body" is sometimes used in this context) is attached to the physical body by means of a connection via the chakras, which usually takes the appearance of a silver umbilical cord. Some psychics say that this cord could be severed when you astral project, thereby making it impossible to come back to your body. Other psychics say that the silver cord is connected to you when you enter the physical body for the first time, and it is not cut again until you leave for the last time.

Achieving out-of-body-experience is based on the ability to keep you’re body asleep, yet at the same time keeping your mind awake. Sleeping light enough to be aware of yourself passing in and out of the hypnagogic state in order to induce the right state of mind attains this. There are aids that can be purchased which also help induce OBE. These vary from speakers that fit under your pillow to playing relaxation CD’s and light & sound machines which produce flashing lights and sounds in precise patterns in sophisticated glasses or goggles

There are also many books and CD’s that can also teach you simple, proven methods for becoming fully conscious in the dream state. These tools claim to help you consciously explore and use dreams for self-discovery, creativity, fantasy fulfilment, emotional healing, and profound spiritual insights.

Probably Robert Monroe at the Monroe Institute in USA did the most scientific research done into astral projection. Originally a businessman, Monroe began to have out of body experiences that drastically changed his life. He found himself leaving his physical body and travelling via a "second body" to explore places far removed from physical reality or the constraints of death or time. He formed to Monroe institute, which pioneered and developed the mind expansion field resulting in practical audio techniques and programs that are available from Our brains produce patterns of electrical activity. Different patterns indicate different mental states, such as rest (Alpha), deep sleep (Delta), meditation (Theta), physical activity (Beta). The audio technology is based on encouraging the natural functioning of the brain to coherent brainwave activity.


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