Many psychics are skilled in, or, have an understanding of astrology. It is a widely used divinational system for interpreting the nature or character of an individual and predicting future events. Astrologers have been used by both politicians and celebrities as well as everyday people looking for a way to avoid the unexpected or negative aspects of life, and to foretell the future. Many psychics spend their entire lives learning astrology in order to gain a proper understanding of it. An astrological reading by a skilled psychic will reveal predisposed trends at the time of birth, making people more aware of their talents and abilities. Armed with this understanding, one may spend time developing or fine tuning them. Psychics who study astrology can also recognise when good fortune may arise and when to avoid negative influences. With this information one is better equipped for taking decisions and making better informed choices.

Many ancient civilisations practised the art of astrology, including the Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Mayans and Incas. The Greeks were the first to produce an ephemeris, which is a book showing the position of the stars at a particular time, and is used during the calculating process. The Romans continued the practice until the early Christians began attacking astrology and the art declined for the next eight hundred years. In the 17th century its interest increased in particular when Queen Elizabeth l turned to the astrologer and psychic John Dee. It was later brought into popularity by Madam Helena Blavatsky, one of the founders of Theosophical Society, around 1875.

To have an accurate chart ( sometimes called a natal chart ) created the person requesting the chart must provide the psychic with the exact time, date and place of birth. The pattern that planets made at the time moment of ones birth describes your tendencies, abilities, challenges and potential. It is not cast in stone as in deterministic fate or fortune, but allows each individual to be better informed to make their own choices as to how their destiny will or will not unfold.

An astrological chart includes ten planets, twelve houses and twelve signs. The core of every horoscope is the sun, which dominates the chart. It represents your motivation, how you self-express yourself, it is the foundation of who you are. Each astrological sign has a positive and negative side to it.

Upside : Bursting with energy, enthusiasm and vitality. A strong sense of who you are and refuse to allow others to define you.
Downside : Self centred, restless and inconsiderate, intent on doing things their way.

Upside : Steady, grounded and very reliable, kind and sensuous. A lover of the finer things in life.
Downside : Very stubborn, greedy and materialistic, sometimes lazy and self-indulgent.

Upside : For ever young, clever, cheerful and interested in life, love for new experiences and meeting people makes you feel alive
Downside : People can find you draining as you can talk too much and can often wear yourself out too.

Upside : A sensitive personality, can be moody. A lover of home, family and emotional security. In your love life you are dedicated.
Downside : Defensive, fear of being hurt so often backs off, and you can be very possessive.

Upside : Outgoing, likeable, loyal and generous. Loves to be the centre of attention.
Downside : Tend to cover up and hide a lot of insecurity, vulnerable.

Upside : A clear mind supporting an analytical eye for detail. Modest, industrious and very patient
Downside : Every one has to live up to your standards. Critical and nagging and hard on every one

Upside : Balanced and even-tempered. A sociable diplomat if you choose to be. Pursue balance and harmony in your surroundings and a lover of art and
Downside : Not good at dealing with yours or others emotional issue. Vague, dependent and self-indulgent.

Upside : Passionate, magnetic and like to mix with powerful people and are ambitious
Downside : Can be very obsessive, vengeful, jealous, spiteful and unforgiving

Upside : Independent and optimistic personality. Pursue adventure and developing yourself with little need for security
Downside : Can be disorganised lacking in direction and tendency to procrastinate and find it difficult to make up your mind.

Upside : A responsible sense of ambition and industry drives you on and equips you with the ability to deal with obstacles that present themselves along the way
Downside : Can be conventional and conservative and fearful of taking a risk and can at times be pessimistic.

Upside : Trendy and modern. A romantic humanitarian visionary, issue orientated and altruistic
Downside : Childish and rebellious not easily willing to go along with others.

Upside : A highly sensitive and receptive personality. Tend to react to everything
Downside : Your passivity and sensitivity can be irrational and add as a block to you development.

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