The process, by which psychics make contact with the spiritual world and transmits information through their spiritual contact, is called channeling or Trance mediumship. Channeling is not a new concept, throughout history, there have been records of people who have channelled, including the priests and psychics of ancient Egypt, the Greeks, Tibetans, Japanese, Babylonians, Druids, along with the early Christians, Muslims and Jews all practised channelling.

Some psychics go into a trance state, loose consciousness, and allows his/her body to be a temporary host by a spirit being. This allows the spirit to speak directly to the psychic. The trance channeller will later reconnect to their physical body and the session will be over. This doesn't mean that the medium is, in any way, possessed by a spirit personality. Neither does it mean that the medium leaves his or her body and the spirit enters, but rather a sharing of mental and physical energies between the psychic medium and spirit communicator or operator.

Others channelers remain fully conscious during this process. The psychic calms his or her mind and 'connects to the energy' of the source being channelled. Psychics in this state usually have their eyes closed and are conscious of the room and what is being said. Psychics then, allow the source to speak through them by staying in this calm state.

The channelled information is received either through the voice, often in the accent or dialect of the of the spirit being channelled. Through automatic writing or during a psychic reading. Usually the speech pattern and personality changes whilst the entity conveying the information speaks through the psychic. The spirits passing on the information may be close family or friends who have passed over, or, spirit guides, deities, ascended master, or beings that have never lived a life in human form, for example Angels, Nature spirits, demons.

Sometimes the messages are transmitted from the higher self, soul or higher dimensional beings; and extra-terrestrials of a spiritual or more evolved nature who may have exotic names. The information received is from outside the earth plane. The information transferred may be personal and help an individual going through a crisis, or with their personal development. Other forms of information received by psychics may be on a global level, to help those on earth to learn about the Astral planes, or information and guidance on dealing with the ecology, or peace on the planet.




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