The word "Clairvoyance" means "clear-sighted," or the ability to see something or someone without the normal perception of the senses and without any outside physical influences. It is a faculty latent in all and it is said by some that it will eventually be possessed by every human being in the course of his or her spiritual unfoldment. Having acquired this spiritual sight, one may then investigate for himself or herself such matters as the state of the human Spirit before birth and after death, and life in the Astral Planes.

There have been reports of clairvoyance throughout history in most cultures. Often these have been associated with religious figures, mystic groups and practices. For example, ancient Hindu religious texts list clairvoyance as one of the Siddhis, skills that can be acquired through appropriate meditation and personal discipline. But a large number of accounts of clairvoyance are of the spontaneous variety among the general public. For example, many people report instances of "knowing" in one form or another when a loved one has died or was in danger before receiving notification through normal channels that such events have taken place. It is a common psychic ability and includes everything from hunches to telepathy. Through history, prophets, soothsayers, fortune -tellers, clairvoyants, psychics and spiritualists and those people who are sensitive to other thinking and knowing have experienced clairvoyance.

Like all mantic arts Clairvoyance can be used to look into the future, present or past events, it can also be used as a tool to contact advanced spiritual beings or people who have passed away, as in Mediumship or Channelling.


Clairsentience is a psychic ability to receive information through the body instead of the mind. Some psychics sense things through the stomach and will have a 'gut feeling about something'. Other psychics may have feelings of a cobweb brushing passed their face or a tingling sensation in some part of the body.


Clairaudience is the ability to hear voices and messages from people who have passed over or from highly evolved spiritual beings (see channelling). The voices may pass over information pertinent to the person asking the question or offer guidance or cautions. Psychics gifted in Clairaudience may also hear other sounds for example the wind in the trees or the sound of running water, bells, music or songs that may have a message in the words or title. Because psychics have to also carry on their day to day activities in the material world, they learn to keep the voices under control unless specifically requested during a psychic reading.


An other intuitive way of receiving information from the spiritual world is through the sense of smell or taste. This psychic ability is known as Clairgustus. Information may be indicated by a familiar smell known to the person requesting the psychic reading, for example, grandmas apple pie, or the aroma of fresh flowers, or the smell of something burning may indicate a warning about carelessness with fire etc.


Clairknosis or clairknowing is related to the top of the head and the crown chakra. The information received by psychics will be of the " Just know it type ". A sudden understanding about an issue or solution to a problem. It's the "aha " effect of the light bulb being switched on. The information is just there. You don't even know how you knew it, you just do. It is the fastest and often the most illuminating of all the intuitive ways.


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