Contacting your Spirit Guide Part 2

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The most effective way, of contacting your spirit guide, in particular for beginners is through meditation. There is no secrete to meditation, it's simply a process for slowing down mental activity and focusing ones mind on a particular outcome. For example by focusing your attention on improving your health, wealth or creativity, will in time bring about the desired results. Making time for ourselves is not something we find easy in the hustle and bustle of modern living. Developing your psychic ability doesn't require any special religious practice, high moral or saintly values. It's a skill, and like any other skill it can be learnt, all it takes is perseverance and practice. So spending ten to fifteen minutes a day on stilling the mind is beneficial not just in terms of contacting your spirit guides, but for relaxation and getting in touch with that inner peace and calm that most of us have forgotten. The general idea is to make your meditation a special occasion, so find some where that's quite and where you know you won't be disturbed. Most psychics begin by lighting a candle or an incense stick, or if you prefer say a short prayer of gratitude and protection. Dim the lights and disconnect the phone.

Most meditational techniques require visualisation and using your imagination. It's through creative imagination and the use of symbolism that the link is made to the spirit world. The first stage is to get your self grounded, working with sensitive energies can have an effect of drawing our attention away from our day-to-day lives and it's important for all psychics ( learners and advanced ) to keep themselves grounded or connected with the earth. You can do this by visualising beams of energy coming from your feet and base of the spine, imagine these beams of energy passing deep into the earth. Next, imagine drawing green earth energy back up until it fills your body. In a similar way, imagine a beam of white light coming from high above you. As it reaches the top of your head, let it pass through into your body, filling it, until you become a radiant being of light. If you're familiar with chakras . Imagine the base chakra as a red flower with its petals slowly opening. Move up to the second or sacral chakra which is coloured orange and do the same. Then up to the third and so on until you reach the crown chakra (violet).

Meditation is all about drawing our attention from the outer world to the inner. An effective way to increase your awareness of your spirit guides is to create a special place in your mind where you can meet them. Begin by sitting in a comfortable chair, and away from any distractions. When you feel ready, close your eyes and begin taking three or four deep breaths, letting them out slowly, and as you do this, feel all the stress and concerns of the day leave your body with every breath. Next place your attention on your breathing and notice the sinking feeling that you get on each of the out breaths. Use this as a vehicle to allow yourself to let go and relax even more.

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