Contacting your Spirit Guide Part 3

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As your body begins to feel more relaxed imagine a gate with a path leading from it, there are no people in sight. The path winds its way through a pasture filled with lush green grass and wild flowers. The sky is blue with just a few fluffy white clouds. Imagine wandering along this path soaking in the scenes that are around you. Try and see if you can sense any fragrances or hear the sounds of birds as you walk slowly along this path. Before you, the pasture begins to gradually slop down hill and leads to a wooded area, which you enter. The floor is covered in blue bells and the sun beams through the branches warming your face and body. You next come to a stream, the water looks so inviting that you take off your shoes and socks and step into the stream, as you do so you feel all the stress and stains of the day just pouring out through the souls of your feet into the stream where they are washed away. As you slowly walk up stream you reach the source of the water, where there's a clearing. The grass is lush and the floor is covered in your favourite flowers. In the centre of the clearing there's a small tree with an old wooden bench besides it. You sit down on the bench and enjoy the beauty of this wonderful place.

This is your private space your inner sanctuary, whenever you visit it you feel comfortable and protected, it is a place where the physical and spiritual worlds meet. Remember that you are in control and you can allow or disallow any one from entering it. It is a place that you have created through the power of your imagination. You can change or alter it to suite yourself. Alternatively, you can create a scenario totally different, for example you may choose to climb a mountain and discover a temple at the top.

As you sit quietly you notice a figure approaching who walks slowly towards you. Notice what the person is wearing, is it male or female, old or young. The person asks if they can sit down besides you. At this point you could ask them a question, and also their name. Don't force the answers, let them come naturally and effortlessly. Quite often the answer comes at a later time, or, when you least expect it. So don't become impatient or disheartened if you don't get an answer first time. Finally, as the person gets up to leave they tell you that they have something for you. You open your hand and they place an object on it. The object is personal to you and will have a symbolic meaning, and it's worth pondering the meaning once you've finished your meditation. As your spirit guide leaves you thank them and say goodbye.

You then make your way back the way you came until you reach the gate. As you do so feel yourself returning back into your body and be aware of the room and sounds around you. Lastly, imagine the flower shaped chakras closing their petals, beginning from the base (red) to the crown (violet). When you feel ready and back to full consciousness open your eyes, stretch and take some deep breaths.

It's quite usual for psychics or any one working with subtle energies to follow up by grounding themselves by eating a snack or having a cup of tea and a biscuit. This has the effect of bringing ones consciousness back into physical awareness. Alternatively walking around or doing some light stretching exercise can have the same effect.

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