Contacting your Spirit Guide Part 4

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One of the main obstacles in making contact with your spirit guides through meditation is the effect of ones logical mind stepping in and thinking it was all imagination or wishful thinking and not reality. Perseverance and questioning is the key to developing a good sound relationship with your spirit guides. You shouldn't accept everything that your guides say. But it's also interesting to be aware of ones own blind spots, or things that are pointed out to us that we would rather pretend weren't there. For example, our intolerance or refusal to change our point of view in a relationship. Or the need to face up to an issue that may cause disharmony in our lives.

It's not really important as to whether you have a good imagination and can create highly vivid images and scenarios. The image that you create in your mind are representations, it is the intention that counts. The fact that you open up and trust that you where making contact with spirit, is what's important. A lot of psychic communication is based on trust, messages that come through may sound at times ridiculous or silly, but gradually as you become more and more aware of your guides you will begin to trust what they have to say.

It is quite common for psychics to verify the reality of a guide by asking questions that can provide proof of contact. This may mean asking your guide if there is something that you need to be aware of or what is the best way to deal with a particular situation or person. Ask for their assistance during times of change or difficulty, or to present you with opportunities or certain people that you would like to meet. You can also ask messages for friends or relations and check the validity when you next meet them.

The main thing to remember is that this is a joint venture. Your spirit guides will do their bit, but they won't do it all for you, you have to take responsibility for taking action and putting in the hard work. Spirit guides will never interfere with your free will. Manifesting a new car is not a reasonable request, nor winning the lottery. But, asking advice on ways you can best earn enough money to purchase the goods that you would like, is a valid question.

You can also as ask for an indication of your spirit guides presence. For example a physical sensation at a particular time of the day. This may be an involuntary twitch or pins and needles, tingling sensation down the side of your leg or head or the hairs standing up on your arm or leg or a particular area of your head. It is quite common for guides to contact people through dreams. So if you have any questions or would simply like to meet your guides, ask that they show themselves in your dreams. Gradually with perseverance and dedication and last but not least, trusting your intuition, you will be well on your way to developing your psychic powers.

Finally, how to contact your spirit guides and looking at the whole world of related spiritual phenomena is a vast subject and beyond the scope of this article. Besides practical work, most psychics are well read on the subject and it is advisable to read as much as you can in order to gain a wider view. Most bookstores have mind body spirit sections or take a look at websites like Thornsons books, alternately try ordering online via Amazon.

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