Casting of Lots

This is a fortune telling system that uses dice, bones or other articles that have markings on the side. It's part of the practice called sortilege, and works by the person asking the question to toss the object on to a table or the floor. The objects are then interpreted by psychics through the codes marked on them or interpreting the position that they have fallen.

Crystal Prediction

Psychics have long used crystals or jewels for predicting the future, and is said to be one of the oldest forms of scrying and were used by ancient civilisations including Aztecs, Incas, Babylonians and Egyptians. Crystals have, and still, are used for meditation, psychic readings and healing chakras. Birthstones are crystals that have an astrological connection for example Aries: Diamond, Ruby, Jasper, Taurus, Sapphire, lapi, lazuli etc. Wearing a particular crystal is believed to assist the psychic with its power. For example psychic ability is thought to be increased if a diamond is worn or carried. Likewise a Sapphire will help with channelling and a Fire Opal should be worn or carried to enhance clairaudience.


Crystal balls have been used throughout history by psychics for fthe purpose of telling the future. And records go back as far as 1000 BC. Like most scrying techneques the session begins with the psychic meditating he/she then stares into the crystal ball until a vision appears to the psychic, which only he or she can see. The message in the vision is interpreted to give the answer to the person asking the question. The usual size of a crystal ball is one or two inches in diameter, but some psychics use crystal balls that can be as big as twelve inches.

Dowsing and Pendulum Predictions

Dowsing is a method used by psychics for finding hidden objects, underground springs, buried sites, precious metals and treasure and even missing people. This is an ancient technique and historical records in the form of cave drawings in the Sahara go back as far as 6000B.C. The illustration indicates a person holding a divining rod. Around the Middle Ages dowsing was used to find underground springs and is still used today for that purpose. By the late 17th century they were being used by psychics. Sometimes a dowser will hold a pendulum over a map to indicate where objects may be found.

Pendulums are also used by psychics during psychic readings for predicting the future or for anything that needs a yes no answer. Any object suspended from a string can be used to make a pendulum. But the most common are crystals or wood. The principle is similar to other systems in that a link is formed between the dowser and the ethereal world. Some psychics will use a pendulum in conjunction with a chart which may indicate on it allergies, or options for decision making, or balancing and cleansing chakras.

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