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I Ching

This ancient Chinese system of divination and is considered to be one of the oldest and enduring method of psychic reading. It originated around 2498 BC. Folk law says that the first Emperor of China Fu-His received information about it whilst meditating by the Yellow river. The word I Ching means 'The book of Changes'. It's composed of 64 three-line patterns, made up of broken ( Yin or No answers ) and unbroken lines ( Yang or yes answers ). It is said that the I Ching measures the flow of yin and yang energies surrounding a person and provides assistance on how to proceed in the future, During the 1960's there was a renewed interest in I Ching. This can be a complex system the method uses three coins or yarrow sticks, some psychics use I Ching cards similar to the tarot cards. By tossing the coins or sticks the position in relation to one another can be interpreted, many variations are possible. What seams like a random selection of luck is in fact a process guided by spirits from the ethereal plane.


Numerology can be attributed to the works of the Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras (582-500 B.C). It is a divination system used by psychics and uses the mystical value of numbers assigned to letters of the alphabet. The numbers from one to ten all have a particular quality far beyond their everyday numerical value. Numbers have a quality and oscillate with a cosmic frequency. Psychics interpret this frequency which maps out an individuals future, Karma and personal characteristics. It has close associations with the Hebrew mystical system of the Kabbalah and provides the underlying structure of Tarot. Various numbers can be used for analysis and prediction during a psychic reading. Birth dates, event days, names relating to the corresponding number can all be interpreted into such things as destiny or life path, Angelic associations or compatibility with in ones love life or career.

Obscure Divination

Most cultures throughout their long history have seen various forms of fortune telling. Foretelling famine, drought, war and pestilence have usually been the domain of the soothsayer, shaman or psychic. The systems used can be varied and may seem very strange by modern standards, in particular in comparison techniques seen at psychic fairs. Anthropomancy - is possibly the most ancient art of divination and dates back 5000 years. It uses the entrails, in particular the intestines of human sacrifices. These where interpreted by psychics to forecast future events. It was a system practised by ancient Babylonians, Sumerians, Japanese and the Greeks and Romans. It is an offshoot of Hepatomancy - a divinational method where by the livers of animals was studied. Even today the livers of animals are studied by psychics in Borneo and Burma.

Apantomancy is a divination method that interprets the chance encounters with animals. Examples of this are black cats crossing ones path is considered to be lucky. In ancient Europe an accidental meeting with a white mouse or a hedgehog indicated good luck, where as the sighting of a pig, bat or a hare told of doom. In ancient Babylon psychics of the time would interpret the coat of dog entering a place

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