There is a great deal of fear surrounding ghosts, mostly originating from the works of fiction and the film industry cashing in on horror and terror genre. People tend to fear what they don't understand and the possability that personality exists after pysical death is misunderstood and disbelieved. Ghosts have been described as cute like Casper, romantic as in the film 'Ghost ' or evil spectors as in countless horror movies.

Most psychics agree that ghostly spirits are not spirit guides, but trapped souls who have not learned to let go of their attatchment to the world of matter and therefore linger arround people or places they once knew. Very few of these spirits are mischievous or benign, but may be lost and confused. Some psychics join groups that become involved with rescuing these spirits. This is achieved by helping them let go of their earthly attatchment and moving towards the higher spiritual realms where they can continue to grow and evolve.

It is important when getting involved with psychic work to be discerning in who it is you make contact with. True spirit guides and angels come to us with our best interest at heart and you can always sense their warmth and loving intent. Asking for their help and protection as well as using common sense and taking good care or yourself both mentally and physically, also acts as a good defence against uninvited entities


Spirit is often thought of by psychics as being interconnected to all others and refers to the belief of a unified spirituality or universal consciousness. But in general terms it refers to any being that lives and operates on a none -physical level such as our spirit guides, guardian angels, nature spirits and the souls of those that have passed over from the physical world.


These are ghost like beings without physical bodies who have recently passed over.


An apparition is an appearance of a ghost, phantom, or other supernatural being or object such as God or Satan, or an appearance of a living person not physically present, ostensibly by supernatural means. The term usually implies the return of an entity to familiar surroundings to accomplish a particular goal.

Bogie Man

The most common of childhood fears associated with the bogeyman is that of someone (usually a monster) hiding in one's room (such as behind the door or under the bed). The bogeyman is said to lurk there and then attack the sleeper. One version of the bogie man in Breton mythology was the Ankou, It is said that he is the one who collects the souls of the dead and aids them on their journey to the next world, in his old rickety cart.


Ghosts are often described as 'misty' or 'fog' like human size shapes. They are the manifestation of the spirit or soul of a person that has remained on Earth after death, although some psychics beliefs, a ghost may be the personality of a person after his or her death, and not directly tied to the soul or spirit. Some accounts also mention animal ghosts and even vehicles such as the 'Flying Dutchman' ship. Parapsychologists refer to the "substance" of which ghosts and other spirits are made as "ectoplasm". Ghosts do not have a physical body like human beings, but a subtle astral body. Sometimes they manifest themselves none-visually by way of the movement of an object, spontaneous throwing of a light switch and noises, etc.


A poltergeist is a German word meaning 'noisy ghost'. They are spirits or ghost that manifest by moving and influencing inanimate objects, for example thumps, knocks, footsteps, furniture being moved and even people being levitated, all without any otherwise explainable influences. Some psychics and parapsychologists believe that adolescent girls cause poltergeist activity. As they pass through puberty they create psychic energy that is released as a type of uncontrolled psychokinesis. Other psychics say that this energy attracts troublesome spirits.

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