Guardian Angels

Humans are so content with believing that they are the only highest form of life. We are special, and have within us the divine spark, but so do countless other life forms. Each of these life forms express their divinity in different ways and often more radiantly and continuously than us humans. The majority of people believe that angels are the creation of a fertile imagination and limited to the tales of fiction and the world of psychics and religion. It's quite easy to understand why people believe this in our age of science and intellect. Little of the work of psychics can be tested, quantified and measured by science in a laboratory, but does it really need to, in order for it to be so? Angels have been recorded throughout history in every race and religion.

It is only through increased personal awareness that we can begin to experience their presence, love, and healing energy. As humans beings, we tend to walk around with our heads buried in our daily lives, blinked to the possibility of an other life system that may runs along side ours. Energy permeates everything. Our earthly existence is based on heavy energy that is effected by the forces of gravity. The beings that co-exist along side us have bodies of subtler substance, their energy is much lighter than ours is and it vibrates at a higher frequency, therefore allowing it to permeate matter and are invisible to our senses. This is the world of the angelic kingdom and hierarchy. It is the world of creativity, art, beauty nature, inspiration and miracles.

Angels were created as messengers of God; they are organised into several orders, or Angelic Choirs. The angels of the first sphere were thought to serve as heavenly counsellors. They are of equal rank to each other and include Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones or Ophanim. Angels of the Second sphere work as heavenly governors and include. Dominions, Virtues and Powers.
The third sphere of angel's function as heavenly messengers : Principalities, Archangels, and Angels. They are neither male nor female, but encompassing the qualities of both.

These beings of light's main purpose are to gently aid humanities evolutionary progression to higher consciousness and enlightenment. As our energy is lifted so is our connection with the divine presence of God. Each angel or group of angels has specific work to do. Some provide healing or protection, whilst others are linked with our homes, nature or creation. It is comforting to know that there are angels involved in every aspect of our lives, providing us with support, guidance and love. Angels serve as the link between humanity and the divine power of the Universe. Some angels and nature spirits assist with the growth and unfoldment of the universe from a blade of grass to the ability to direct planets and galaxies. It is said that we are all under the watchful eye of a group of angels who see the true essence of who and what we are. They assist us when help is required, all we need to do is ask. But, they will not do the work for us. As we grow spiritually be come under the guardianship of a single angel who acts as a teacher as we progress through the challenges that lead us to spiritual maturity. Our guardian angels also understand the steps that we need to take to achieve our purpose on this planet. We learn from angels that life and work is not drudgery, but a joy based on being part of the creative force of the universe.



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