Every society has it's own versions of ghostly happenings, and most people will or have had some experience that they can relate to. Something will be seen or sensed when there is nothing there. A voice may be heard or a feeling of some one standing besides or behind you

Psychics say that sometimes souls remain on earth to help untangle mysteries and it's for this reason that they are often associated with gruesome happenings in places that are said to be haunted. Nearly every castle and stately home has its resident ghost, relating to some tragic event in its history. Some of these stories have had witness accounts; supported by ordinary people who have seen something out of the ordinary, in a place they did not know had a reputation as haunted. Some ghosts appear as an apparition or as a dark shape. On other occasions a voice is heard to utter groans or curses, and objects may be moved. Ghosts can appear to a single individual or an entire group of people.

Some famous examples of hauntings in Great Britain are at Balgonie Castle, in Fife, which is said to be haunted by a Green Lady, a White Lady, a headless figure, and a Grey Man.
Whilst at Athelhampton Manor in Dorset it's said to be haunted by the spirit of an ape, which belonged to the Martyn Family during the fifteen hundreds.

There is a well-documented sighting of a ghost at Botathan in Cornwall during the year of the plague in 1665. The ghost of Dorothy Dingley appeared to a young boy, and also to the rector of the Chapel of St Mary Magdelene. She is said to have warned of the coming plague. An exorcism was carried out but the figure is still said to be seen occasionally.

Marwell Hall in Hampshire is associated with the phantom of the hide and seek bride. It's said that whilst playing a game of hide and seek, the bride hid in a large oak trunk, which locked and smothered her. She was then seen as a ghostly figure wandering the house. Some years later the grisly secret was revealed by workmen, who discovered the trunk in the attic.

Sightings of Ghosts are not restricted to old buildings, but have been found modern houses and apartments. Mount Everest is said to be haunted by the ghost of climber Andrew Irvine who died there in 1924. His ghost shares tents with climbers and encourages them to make the final ascent.

England's most haunted house is reputed to be Borley Rectory near the Suffolk border. The rectory was built in 1863, on the site of an old Benedictine Monastery and has been investigated by hundreds of researchers and psychics over the years.

Many cities lay claim to be England's or even Europe's the most haunted city, including Edinburgh, Chester and Derby where nearly every building has a ghost story to go with it. But according to some research done by the Ghost Research Foundation International, York came out top as the most haunted city in the world with a total of 504 recorded hauntings.

Many ghost sightings have been investigated by parapsychology groups as well as well known psychics. Evidence is collected by way of videoing activity and also analysing sound recordings of noises or voices.
The International Society for Paranormal Research has been researching psychic phenominal since 1972. They attempt to challenge practices found in scientific and academic circles by taking a broader view of the subject by inviting psychics and clairvoyants to participate in their experiments.

Many cities and towns in the UK hold nightly walks and expeditions around haunted buildings and sites along with commentaries of their dark and grislier pasts

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