Nature Spirits

Nothing captures the imagination more than the idea of mysterious realms and lands, and the elves, gnomes and fairies that live there. It's been the inspiration for countless works of fiction and films from Shakespeare's 'Tempest' to Tolkiens 'The Hobbit'. Our rational minds have become less sensitive to the child like wonder we used to know when being read bedtime stories of the Grimm Brothers or Enid Blyton. The call of the quest is a call to adventure and excitement. The hero over coming adversaries in his/her journey for wisdom and prosperity has long been recorded and dreamt of in the minds of men and women.

A psychics quest into the spiritual realms will bring them into contact with beings that will stir and fascinate their imagination. The fairy kingdom is not exclusive to psychics. Nature spirits have an important part in the evolutionary process of mankind. Nature spirits are part of nature itself and their world is much close to us than we can imagine. Because their energy is not physical they are multidimensional and can travel in many spheres of existence, some changing their shapes and sizes.

There are differing views as to their origins. Some believe that they are the last of a civilisation more ancient than humanity. Others believe that they are part of the angelic kingdom. Nature spirits have worked closely with man throughout the ages and most need contact and assistance with humans in order to live and evolve. Because of their close affinity with nature they are easily affected by mans ignorance and wilful destruction of nature and of himself. This causes them to be mistrustful of humans and many withdraw from contact with them. Not all can do this, and so suffer the consequences of mans destruction of his environment. Nature spirits inhabit a variety of habitats including woodland, trees and bushes, caves, underwater and around lakes.

To see nature spirits you need to spend time in nature, at first you may see them as flickers of light just outside you area of vision. With a keen eye and perseverance you will eventually be able recognise them amongst the shrubs and flowers. If you can't see them you may be able to sense their presence. Psychics say that Nature spirits often reach out and speak to people but most don't realise it or think that it's in their imagination. A rustle of a branch on a still day, or the ripple on a pond or the fragrance of a flower can indicate nature spirits attempting to communicate with you.

Flower fairies are always found where ever there are domestic or wild flowers, they are in particular drawn towards children who play outside. Elves and fairies are found mainly within fields, whereas wood sprites are abundant in forests. Most people have a fascination for crystals and throughout history their magical properties have been sort by psychics and those requiring healing. Rock and stone spirits are very common and in every crystal or stone there is a Deva or nature spirit that works with it. These spirits are also said to hold the keys to prophecy and magic and most magic wands used in ritual magic have crystals attached. Every tree has it's own Deva, which is more active at night. Walking through a wood at night makes most people feel a little uneasy and uncomfortable. Tree spirits can be quite affectionate towards people. That's why some people have their favourite tree that they gain comfort and healing from. Elves and fairies also attach themselves to different types of trees. Cutting down a tree may displace a great many of these beings. The Elder and Rowan tree have high populations of elves and fairies living in and around them as they provide protection against evil spirits. Dark elves can often take up residency in the homes of humans, they can stimulate craftsmanship, their energy is strong and their presence can often be felt, but they are not harmful.


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