Numerology is a science based on numbers. It's records go back to before ancient Chaldean times. It was widely used in ancient Egypt and continues as a system of divination by present day psychics. The system was updated by the mathematician and philosopher Pythagorous (2500 years ago). Pythagorous believed that nothing could exist without numbers, and said that through it was the key to understanding oneself and ones relationship to God and the Universe.

Numerology is a tool that provides guidance on who and what we are and where we are going, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Through this knowledge we can find our life's purpose, find new direction and motivation. With an understanding of numerology psychics can offer guidance on personal issues and help with interpreting ones Karmic and evolutionary lessons during our current life on earth.

The understanding behind numerology, is that numbers (the digits between 1-9) have a particular cosmic vibration. The rate of vibration can foretell details about a persons future, karma and characteristics. It can also be used by psychics to foretell details of places and events. The influence of numerology can be found in the Kabbalah, the Hebrew system of mysticism and magic, and in particular in tarot, where the numbers of the Major Arcana have specific energy attributed to them which effects the message in the reading.

The numerological meanings of the numbers 1-10 are as follows :

1. The seed or root of something
2. Balance and duality
3. Blending, creation and fertilisation
4. Establishing foundations
5. Disharmony of the established foundations (4)
6. The re-establishment of harmony
7. New awareness bringing instability
8. Mastery, autonomy and awareness of errors
9. Completion and fulfilment, reaching ones goal
10. Ending, transformation and preparing for a new cycle

The system of numerology uses primary numbers obtained by reducing particular numbers down to their smallest i.e. 14 = 1+4 = 5. The number would then be interpreted by using the interpretations in the list above.

A practical use of this would be to calculate a person's life path or destiny number by adding together and reducing the date of birth of a person. For example 12th November 1982 would be found by adding 12+11+1982=2005. The number is further reduced by adding them e.g. 2+0+0+5=7. This number would then represent the energy and lessons to be learnt during that persons journey through their lifetime. Seven is a spiritual number, and have much to do with soul development and personal reflection, rest and meditation and re-evaluation

Numbers can also be assigned to letters of the alphabet and are used to analyse a person's personality and destiny path by examining a person's name. For example the Kabbalistic system attach the following numbers to each letter.

1. A,I,Q,J,Y
2. B,K,R
3. C,G,L,S
4. D,M,T
5. E,H,N
6. U,V,W,X
7. O,Z
8. F,P

For example Jane Smith would be : Jane = 1+1+5+5 =12=1+2 =3
Smith = 3+4+1+4+5+17=1+7=8

This would be interpreted as advancement in the external world, favouring business activities, partnerships, property matters and general material gain. People with personal eight numbers are usually unsettled and striving to better themselves, and searching for something new.


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