Past Life

Those who believe in reincarnation say that when a person experiences physical death, their soul is reborn into a new physical body in order to learn a new lesson in life. This is all part of the spiritual evolution of the soul. However, It is also believed that eventually there is the potential to escape the cycle, by joining God, or achieving enlightenment.

The act of re-birth also includes a passage through the spiritual world or inner planes between death and rebirth. Past lives are closely linked with Karma and the consequences of moral actions in previous lives. How some one lives their life in a previous life effects the challenges that present themselves in the present life. On each re-birth a new personality is developed in the physical world, based upon past experience and new acquired experiences,

Belief in reincarnation is an ancient phenomenon; and ancient graves containing both people and possessions testify to beliefs that a person would have need for their treasured possessions once again despite physical death. Past life is often associated with Buddhism and Taoism but is also widespread amongst other beliefs. In India the idea of reincarnation was first introduced in the Upanishads around 800 BC), which are philosophical and religious texts composed in Sanskrit.

It is also a belief belonging to many modern Pagans and some new Age movements, along with followers of Spiritualism and students of esoteric philosophies. Some psychics see it as part of a religion, others seeing in it an answer to many common moral dilemmas, such as "why are we here" and "why do bad things sometimes appear to happen to good people". In Western culture, regression or near death experience has provided evidence of claims to past life memories, some of which have been verified. Recollections of these experiences tend to be consistent with recollections of beings of light, messages of love and peace, and passing trough a tunnel of light.

Some psychics practice past-life regression with the use of hypnosis. During this state a person regresses beyond the point of their birth through various lives in order to provide information concerning a current problem or situation.

There are many people nowadays who remember their past lives and use that knowledge to help them with their current lives; this kind of occurrence is fairly central to the New Age faith and amongst many psychics. Some of the people who remember claim simply to remember without any effort on their part. They simply "see" previous times and see themselves interacting with others. In many common new age beliefs, past life recollections also include legendary places such as Atlantis and Avalon, (the final resting-place of King Arthur and Merlin). It is also believed by some that prior to life on earth there was a succession of lifetimes in other life forms outside the context of earth where one was working to become Human.

The most detailed collections of personal reports in favour of reincarnation have been published by Dr. Ian Stevenson in works such as 'Reincarnation and Biology,’ which documents thousands of detailed cases where claims of injuries received in past lives sometimes correlate with birthmarks or birth defects. Here are a number of small children who have reported having memories of past lives prior to their present life, and some also report being able to recall a time between lives In some cases these children have also reported being in a place like heaven between lives, and sometimes that they were given some degree of choice as to whether and when to be reborn, and even in selecting their future parents.

Its concepts have also been embraced by some of the world’s greatest psychics and philosophers, including Pythagoras who was probably the first Greek philosopher to advance the idea of reincarnation. In Plato’s Republic he tells the myth of how Er, the son of Armenius, miraculously returned to life on the twelfth day after death and recounted the secrets of the other world. After death, he said he went with others to the place of Judgement and saw the souls returning from heaven and from purgatory, and proceeded with them to a place where they chose new lives, human and animal. Doctrines of reincarnation were also known to the early Church (before the 6th century AD, and believers in reincarnation claim that these doctrines were embraced or at least tolerated within the Church at that time.

The American psychic Edgar Cayce taught reality of reincarnation and karma, but as instruments of a loving God rather than blind natural laws. Its purpose is to teach us certain spiritual lessons.

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