Alternative names for Psychics


An other name for clairvoyant, psychics, mystic, oracle prophet or diviner is an Augur. In ancient Rome augurs were advisers to royalty. They used the path and speed of birds as they flew across the sky. This included the number, species and where they landed.

Second sight

This is an old fashioned name for psychics receiving knowledge from the ethereal planes. The term refers to the skill that a psychic has to see visions or know information concerning the future, present or past without the use of their eyes


Intuition is a common phrase these days, and refers to psychics or any one for that matter, receiving or sensing information about something without prior knowledge or use of intellect or thinking process.


Clairvoyance is used broadly by psychics to refer to a person perceiving distant objects, persons, or events, including seeing through objects and the detection of types of energy not normally perceptible to humans or explainable by current science. Typically, such perception are reported in visual terms, but may also include auditory impressions (sometimes called clairaudience) and information about places and events in the future.


Throughout history people have claimed to have precognitive abilities, and the "gift of prophecy" is a common feature of most religions. Many people have some form of anecdotal accounts of precognition, such as someone knowing who is on the other end of a ringing telephone before they answer it, or having a dream about events that actually occur. Precognition can also occur in the form of emotions or feelings. The French term, déjà vu coined by the French psychic researcher Emile Boirac describes this sensation also.


This is a gift that psychics use to forecast the future by unscientific means. Most psychics stay with their preferred system of divination. But some do have skills in many systems. Some forms of divination are clairvoyance, channelling, interpreting dreams or observing objects, or events for example smoke rising from a fire or a candle flame. Other psychics may use tealeaves, tarot cards, runes or a crystal pendulum.

Fortune telling

Knowing what is going to happen in the future is something that people throughout history have been fascinated with. Being prepared or forewarned can prepare people and reduce the effect or even avoid it completely. The modern version of a fortune teller is the seaside psychic or gypsy reading palms, tea leaves, tarot cards or scrying with a crystal ball, and usually involves crossing the psychics palm with silver coins (or currency of that particular country). For most modern day psychics the phrase fortune-teller tends to have a negative connotation. The phrase commonly used nowadays is 'doing a reading' and most psychics prefer this to fortune-teller. Most psychics see psychic readings as being a metaphysical process that connects with spiritual entities in the ethereal planes, and take what they do very seriously.


Prophecy, in a general sense, is the prediction of future events. A prophet often operates through some means of divination or channelling. The process of receiving a message from God (or the gods) or other supernatural entities. is known either as prophecy or as revelation. Many methods are used to achieve this, including reading tea leaves, cloud formations, animal behaviour, or even the entrails of sacrificed animals. The accepted ways of providing prophecies in the Bible and Qur'an is by visions and dreams. In ancient civilisations prophecies were found to provide solutions to healing ailments, sometimes in the form of herbs.

Mantic Arts

Most psychics believe that the Universe guides them in reading and understanding the signs and symbols that can predict forthcoming events. Mantic arts specifically refers to the use of inert objects such as bones, dice cards, stones, shells, yarrow sticks etc. In years gone by priest and other psychics used the technique of divining the future by observing the patterns that oil makes as it is poured onto water. Many systems of divining the future have been available to psychics for over thousands of years. With the spread of Christianity practices of this nature where disapproved of and in some cases band.

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