Predictions can be described as psychically obtained information describing future events and outcomes. The phrase is often used when talking about FortuneTellers or psychics. And in particular during psychic readings concerning a persons personal future in terms of will they find true love, be successful in their career or when will be the best time to move house. Psychic predictions can also be used for larger, more global view of things to come. The psychic and occultist Nostradamus predicted the downfall of Monarchies and politicians, the beginning of wars and devastating earthquakes. Predictions often come without notice or when the psychics guides are ready to pass it on from the ethereal realms. The choice of method that psychics uses to receive this information are personal to the reader, and which they feel most comfortable using and also which is most appropriate. The most common mantic systems used are Clairvoyance, Dowsing with a pendulum, Automatic writing, Tarot and Runes. But there are many other effective methods that psychics use for contacting spirit. For example crystal ball gazing, reading tea leaves, ribbons and objects belonging to the person requesting the psychic reading (psychometry). Others psychics may choose to channel information either by inducing a trance state or connecting consciously to their guides or angel helpers in the ethereal realms for advice.

The early Egyptians believed that they could contact and be guided by the Gods through their dreams, a method widely used today. It is said that we contact the astral realms when we are asleep and therefore can access relevant information directly. Dream predictions and interpretations are mentioned in the Bible in many places including 12:5-6 Daniel 2:2 and 4:7. Ancient methods of prediction also include I Ching and Pythagorean numerology, which is also widely used today.

Modern day psychics believe that predictions are not fixed or cast in stone. They represent possibilities and probabilities and usually follow patterns of behavior. Predictions should therefore be used as an aid to overcoming obstacles and a way of avoiding possible outcomes if a particular path is followed, rather than interpreting them as being deterministic. Ultimately, God has given us the ability to choose, and our futures are, in many ways, dictated by the choices and decisions that we make.







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