Psychic Protection

Have you ever come away from talking to a friend or acquaintance feeling drained ? Or maybe you've returned home after visiting a busy shopping centre feeling quite exhausted. People carry around with them all the cares and worries of the day, and their lives. The anger, frustrations, hate, fear and all the problems associated with daily living. The negativity that people carry around with them is energy. And like all energy it flows. The angry passer-by in the shopping mall is radiating negativity to all those around her, and it's so easy to be effected by it. Most of us can sense negativity in people, but some psychics can actually see it as shapes, forms and colours. Because of the nature of the work psychics can be vulnerable to negative influences, and need to protect themselves before commencing on any psychic work.

Our whole human existence is that of energy, in one form or an other. The source of all this energy is God, Light, Universal energy, Prana, Chi etc. We cannot exist without it. There are some people who are so distant from their connection with God that they take energy from the people around them, some do it unknowingly, whilst others in full knowledge of what they are doing. There's those who deliberately try to dominate humiliate and control others for their own ends. In many respects we are all guilty of doing this from time to time, that's why it's so important to re-charge our energy system up by connecting frequently to the source. We can do this through prayer, meditation, walking in the countryside or being close to nature. An other way way is to imagine a beam of pure white light coming form way, way above down through your crown chakra and flowing through your body and then radiating into a bubble of white light surrounding you. This charges up your energy system and will also protect you form negativity.

It's always important when doing a psychic reading or healing work to first protect yourself by surrounding yourself with white light in this way. Lighting a candle, or asking for protection from angels is an other.

The next time you're out shopping or entering a busy place, try putting on your 'coat of many colours'. To do this simply imagine covering yourself with a rainbow-coloured cloak which is connected to a beam of white light from the source. An other great visualisation technique is to give yourself a white light shower. So when returning home after a stressful day (this can also be done at any time of the day), or after doing psychic or healing work. Close your eyes, relax, and imagine a beam of white light coming from the source above. Visualise it flowing like water from the top of your head, through your body and over your body, washing away any negativity, and replacing it with fresh clean, vitalising energy. As the light washes through and over your body let it pass out through the base of your feet, pouring deep, deep, into the earth where it will be recycled.





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