Developing your psychic powers

The title of this article has the word " Developing ", as it's first word. Most probably your first thoughts are, doesn't this imply that I already have some psychic ability ? The answer to this is yes; you do have some psychic ability already. The only thing that's holding you back from developing it is the fact that you haven't yet acknowledged or recognised it yet.

Not all psychics woke up one morning to find spirit talking to them loud and clearly, or a vision of a saintly deity standing at the foot of the bed with a smile and a greeting. The last thing that spirit wants is to scare the living daylights out of you, if they do that you're more likely to run a mile. Very few psychics actually have spirit friends when they where little, or grandmas or mothers who passed on the "Gift " either through osmosis, genetics or some secret ritual in the garden shed.

The majority of us have developed our psychic abilities the hard way, by attending development circles at our local Spiritual church, attending courses and reading books on the subject. Some have been lucky to have had a personal friend or relation who was kind enough to do a bit of coaching. And a few, a tiny minority, develop psychic gifts following exceptional circumstances or tragedy in their life. Yuri Geller, for example, received an electric shock whilst touching his mothers sewing machine when he was a child.

By taking the first step of 'desiring' to develop your psychic powers you have not only prepared yourself mentally for the challenges that lie ahead, but also let spirit know that you are ready to learn. Once you've got that message across, spirit will work overtime to help you along your path of developing your psychic gifts.

But first, "What makes you think that you aren't already psychic ". As I've already said, spirit doesn't always present itself in grandeur presentations, puffs of smoke, thunderbolts, or eyrie visitations. But rather very subtle forms of communication that your most probably receiving at this very moment. Because, your reading this article, you have automatically informed spirit that you have an interest in learning. Also, being open and receptive and having a positive attitude can help considerably.

Have you ever had a funny coincidence, something happens when only a few minutes or hours ago you where thinking about it, or you see a bill board or newspaper article that reminds you of a dream you had last night ? Whilst writing an article about the Astral Planes the Jim Reeves song " Welcome to my world " popped up in my mind. Now the question is, was that my own subconscious or, was it placed there by spirit as away of saying hi there. Because sometimes they do that, they like you to know that they're with you. Plus they also have a sense of humour. If you've ever had the experience similar to that you can now say out with pride " I'm Clairaudient ". In other words spirit speaks to you through the words, it may be songs. It may sound like Jim Reeves, or your own voice, but it's spirit that's behind it.

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