Developing your psychic powers

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Likewise, have you ever been aware of a smell or an aroma of something that's not physically in the room, for example toast, or flowers, or your auntie who passed a way's living room. Ah, but your now saying, that was my imagination playing tricks on me. If you keep on telling yourself that you'll eventually believe it. The truth of the matter is, that if you've experience a smell or taste without any physical means of it being created, then your "Clairgustus ".

This is getting exciting isn't it ? What about times that you've been struggling with a problem and then suddenly from out of the blue comes a flash of inspiration and every thing becomes clear, the light bulbs been switched on. If you've ever experienced this then you're most probably "Clairknosis ". Right then, come on, who really switched on the light bulb, was it you or was it your ever loving, ever faithful, spirit guides, Wow ! Things are really hotting up now.

What about butterflies in your stomach or gut feelings when something's not quite right. Maybe your feeling a little unsure about that " two good to be true " offer that that nice double glazing salesman made you.

Or, have you walked into some ones home and it just "feels " right. If so your spirit guides, through the medium of your body is telling you something. If you've ever experienced that, then your experiencing " Clairsentience ", which means that you sense or feel spirit.

So, even if you've only recognise or have experienced just one of the above, you have displayed elements of your psychic ability. The secret is to trust that things that you thought where coincidences, were not. Spirit moves and works in very subtle ways, so look out for those tunes, odours, tastes and feelings. If you're a creative person and let's say, write, paint, sculpt, or whatever, spirit will be working along side you, inspiring and creating with you. The creative force is that of spirit.

The next big step is that once you've begun to acknowledge that spirit has a hand in the synchronistic happenings in your life or the things mentioned above. Then, more of the same will begin turning up in your life. It's always a good thing to acknowledge the part that spirit plays by simply saying, " thanks". So remember the more you trust and acknowledge the more information will be sent to you. Trust your feelings, senses, taste, unexpected thoughts, pictures and images that just pop up in your mind. Do this and you'll be well on your way to developing your psychic ability.

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