Scrying comes from the English word descry which means ‘to make out dimly’ or ‘ reveal.’ It is a method used by psychics to look into an object or substance with a reflective surface in order to capture clairvoyant or psychic images. It’s practice has continued throughout history for thousands of years and was developed in ancient Egypt, Middle East, china, Greece, Rome and throughout Europe. Michel de Notre-dame, or Nostradamus (1503-1566) as he was commonly known, is believed to have used a small bowl of water which he set upon a tripod whilst he predicted more than a thousand future events up to the year 3797.

As an early folk tradition scrying has been used in many ways to stimulate intuitive wisdom from what psychologist Carl Jung called the ‘collective consciousness’. From the beginning of civilisation women would carry out repetitive tasks in their ordinary domestic lives like washing cloths or polishing a tabletop. These actions would lull them into a state of semi-hypnotic or meditative state where by images would appear in the suds revealing insights combined with common sense wisdom. This and other variations were widely used up until the time Christianity labelled scrying and other forms of divination witchcraft.

In ancient times polished surfaces were used by psychics to foretell the future, this method is called Toptromancy. In this practice psychics tilt a mirror to catch the light source and patterns the light make. It is especially effective if carried out during the period of the full moon if the mirror is tilted to reflect the moonbeams. This method is said to be effective when looking at maters regarding love family or relationship issues. Long before mirrors were invented polished plates made of bronze or even swords where used.

One of the oldest methods of scrying (sometimes refereed to as Hydromancy) is to pour a few drops of dark coloured oil into a bowl of water in an indirect light source. As the oil moves across the surface of the water it forms pictures or patterns. The technique used by many psychics is to ask the person asking the question to focus their attention on the issue whilst slowly dropping the oil onto the water. As the oil swirls around on the surface it will create an image. In a relaxed state the psychic or clairvoyant will note the thoughts, feelings, tastes or odours that spring to mind.

Some psychics experience their spirit guides or guardian angel speaking to them which indicates the signs of clairaudient abilities. Others perceive past-life information, speak to the souls of the deceased, or see auras. Scrying can be practised without the use of a professional psychic or clairvoyant. After a period of quiet meditation ask a question (either silently or out loud). The secret is to trust what ever comes through, no matter how silly it may seam at the time, so it’s important to not rationalise the images. Interpreting the relevance of images can be based on your own personal interpretations; for example clouds may represent light fluffy things or evoke heavy thoughts and feelings. However, symbols have common factors based on what Carl Jung called archetypes. These are the universal symbols known throughout time, for example the moons association with the feminine principal, in particular mothers. The moon also has associations with mental instability, deception and cycles. Likewise the sun has its masculine traits and links with Apollo and the conscious mind. Animals can represent our basic nature or traits associated with them, for example the loyalty of a dog or cunning of a fox. Mountains can represent major obstacles ahead, where as hills lesser things to overcome. Colours too can have their symbolic meanings for example, browns and greens represent the earth and nature, blue the intellect or rational thinking, red passion or danger.


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