Seeing Auras

Etheric Body

The first of the subtle bodies that lies closest to the physical body is the Etheric body. The word originates from the ancient Greek term that referred to the upper atmosphere or heaven as ‘Ether’. Since ancient times seers or psychics in many cultures throughout history have been aware of the etheric body. The Native American, Polynesian and Australian aborigines expressed this in their art, music, and costume. Detailed descriptions are also found in India and China. The etheric body acts as a link or bridge between the physical and subtle levels. Part of its function is to help in the preparation for a souls entry into the earth plane. The other equally important aspect is in its ability to absorb high frequency energies, including the life sustaining force, Prana, Chi or Ki, by way of the Chakras.

Astral Body

The next higher frequency body projecting from the etheric body is the Astral Body. Psychics claim that due to the finer frequency of this body we can travel at will in this body, by using the power of thought. This is often referred to as astral travel or out–of–body experience. It’s at this level that feelings are processed and it is for this reason that some psychics call it the emotional body. The higher end of the vibrational scale within the astral body are where feelings of compassion, unconditional love and empathy are processed. At the lower end, negative emotions and fear are processed. Most psychics agree that we all enter the astral levels during sleep, it’s here where we meet up with other souls and visit places we couldn’t normally visit in our waking state. It’s also said that it is here that we receive teaching, instruction and initiation from our spirit guides/ guardian angels.

Mental Bodies

The body of the next higher frequency is the mental level which is located approximately 36cm from the body. At this higher frequency level are mental energies, including creative and intuitive thought processes, and what relates to our belief systems and limiting mental constructs that we use for dealing with stressful situations.

Soul Body

Finally, the ‘real you’ or the ‘soul’ itself is enclosed in a container or vehicle in order to go through the experience of being human. The soul body receives all the experiences from all the other levels. It also vibrates at a frequency far greater than that of the other bodies.

Each body gives off a glowing luminosity with an intensity that varies from person to person. The combined effect can be seen by psychics or any one skilled with a higher sense of perception. What is seen can differ from person to person as interpretation is on a more subtle personal level. Also, because the aura reflects the state of the whole being at a particular moment in time it is changeable. With practice you will be able to sense, experience and see the finer energies of the aura by feeling it, seeing it’s colours or clairvoyantly on a spiritual level.

Interpreting the colours is best done by firstly emphasising the quality of the colour, rather than the colour itself. An indication of a person’s health will show in their aura being clear and bright as apposed to being faded or dull. The formation may be strong or ragged and uneven. Intuitively you may pick up on indications that some one is healthy or happy or that they are going through a period of low self-esteem and poor health. In general, psychics say that warmer colours mean slow-moving vibrational energy that has its attachment to physical and material concerns. Where as lighter or cooler colours relate to faster or higher frequency energy, and to spiritual well being.

A general guide to identifying colours in an aura are as follows :

Red : Basic needs of survival, material concerns, anger
Orange : Physical energy and vitality, sexuality, creativity, warmth and pleasure.
Yellow : Feeling good, clear thinking and inspirational ideas.
Green : The world of nature, calmness, love and compassion, interest in green issues.
Sky Blue : The ability to express oneself, communication, expression.
Indigo : Psychic ability, intuition, clear seeing.
Violet : Spiritual wisdom and development, the road to enlightenment, the link to Universal consciousness.
Pink : Safety and childhood matters, nurturing and warmth.
Gold : Divine radiance, Link with creativity
White : Purity, angelic kingdom and higher realms

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