How to see Auras (part 2)

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There are many ways to experience auras; it is not always necessary to see the coloured halo surrounding people. In fact sensing or feeling auras is an integral part of many healing therapies. There are two ways of seeing the aura. The first is intuitively in which the aura is viewed in the minds eye, a technique used by many psychics and clairvoyants. With some practice you can learn to trust your intuition about what colours there are in a persons aura and where they are most strongly located. The next stage is determine the energy of the individual and what it tells you about their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. The other is objectively through the physical eye.

A simple method for viewing your aura is to hold both your hands twelve to eighteen inches in front of you, palms towards you against a blue sky. Next, bring your fingertips together and then slowly separate them an inch or two. As you do this you will notice the white outline around your fingers begins to elongate as your fingers separate. You can also raise and lower your hands slowly up and down to see the outline move and stretch, almost as if you had chewing gum connecting your fingers. Similarly you can also get the same effect in a dimly light room. Extend and raise you hands in the same way against a white background.

An other method is to hold your hand up in front of you in a dimly lit room, palm towards you. With the other hand hold a white sheet of card behind it. Hold your hand flat against the card and once again notice the white outline of your aura surrounding your hand. On closer examination of the white haze move your eyes around the edge of your hand, as you do this you should be able to make out colours in your aura.

In a similar way, lie down on the grass on a warm sunny day. As you lie there relaxed, gently focus your attention on a distant tree against the blue sky. As you do this be aware of the whitish haze that traces the outline at the top of the tree. Psychics report that this effect is best seen in the springtime when the energy of the tree is most actively engaged in growth.

Throughout history psychics and healers have been aware of the subtle energy off hands. The reason for this is the activity produced by the chakras in the auric field. The chakras help distribute energy from the Life Force, Prana (India) ki (Japan ) chi (China) for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual functions. Your hands can become very sensitive to subtle energies surrounding your body. They can be used to feel energy as well project it to areas of the body that need healing.

A simple way to become aware of the energy radiating from your hands is to first make yourself relaxed. Next rub the palms of your hands together briskly for about twenty seconds. Extend both hands in front of you, about two feet apart, palms facing each other. Slowly move your hands towards each other without touching, then slowly pull them apart again about six to eight inches. Once again slowly move them closer and closer together. Try to be aware of the spongy pressure building up between your palms. Once you begin to feel the pressure between your hands try moving them horizontally up and down and sense how the pressure moves with you as you do this. This experience can vary from person to person, some experience heat or a cold sensation others a pulsation or even itching sensation. The main thing is not to be concerned if what you experience is different to any one else’s.

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