Spirit Guides

The reality of spiritual beings offering assistance to those living in the physical world has been a part of every major religion of the world. The ancient Greeks spoke to spirits and Gods through the Oracles. The Shamans of Egypt, Africa and other parts of the world established communication with between humans and nature. Native American tribes believed that each person has an individual guardian angel, which could also appear in an animal form. The American Indians believed that once a spirit had been seen through a vision or dream it would provide specific powers for example clairvoyancy, medicine and healing powers.

In Victorian times, communication with the spiritual realms occurred through mediums and spiritualists. Psychics of today channel information from angels, beings from other galaxies, dolphins, nature spirits, ascended masters or saints and the Universal mind of God, amongst other things. Guides are sometimes called guardian angels, teachers, doorkeepers and healers. Most psychics believe that spirit guides are highly evolved beings who protect and provide metaphysical information as well as every day advice should it be required. Psychics also emphasis that spirit guides in what ever form they take, have lived many lives on the earth plane and through their own learning and self sacrifice have become more evolved than human beings.

All psychics and clairvoyants know that that every one of us has a spirit guide who are always ready and willing to help and assist their own people, but who will not interfere in a humans life without a specific invitation. Psychics also insist that spirit guides have understanding far in advance of anything we can imagine and understand the complexities of modern technology and society as well as ancient metaphysical understanding for those who know how to listen. They can also appear in whatever shape or form the psychics wish to see. For example if the psychic expects to see the spirit in an Indian head-dress or as a Tibetan monk, then that is how the spirit guide will appear.

Psychics also believe that some of us have a number of guides depending on the work that we have to accomplish whilst we are on this planet. But it is said that one particular guide oversees us throughout our lives. The others are called upon when ever there is a specific task to overcome, for example when healing is required or when we pass through a period of transformation. Many psychics communicate with their spirit guides using divination tools such as Tarot, Runes or dowsing within a pendulum. Alternatively spirit guides can be contacted through a psychic using either voice or automatic writing. It is common practice for all psychics to connect with their spirit guides before carrying out a reading for a client. It is through their guides that psychics have access to the information available in the astral plane or the askashic records.

There has been much misrepresentation about the spirit world by fiction writers, in particular the film industry who have often portrayed anything to do with spiritual world as evil and frightening. And there is much myth and superstition surrounding the area. Working with ones spirit guide is a wonderful enlightening experience and adventure. We open our selves to our true nature and purpose on this planet. We realise that all the people that we have ever known are still with us and that life is eternal. We learn that through the loving guidance of our guides, that we are never alone and that we can overcome our limitations and narrow view of who and what we are and begin to soar like eagles to unknown hight's of perception, awareness, understanding and creativity. Through the love guidance and protection of our spirit guides we are free to be who we truly are.

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