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Family Tree of Psychics part 2

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Throughout history a hand full of psychics and astrologers have been advisors to monarchs; John Dee (1527-1608) was one of these people. Dee was fascinated by magic and the number of different mantic arts, and was a practitioner of 'Angelic magic'. He used a method of scrying called 'Catoptroancy' to divine the future for his noble clients, including Queen Elizabeth who consulted him on matters concerning important dates and time of her coronation It's said that he scried by interpreting patterns reflected from a shinny black mirror or crystals. He used a code name for himself which was the numbers 007. Records in Dee's manuscripts and diaries show that he employed a professional clairvoyant by the name of Edward Kelly, who predicted the Spanish attempt to invade England in 1588 with their Armada and the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots.

The psychic scholar Eliphas Levi (18-10-1875) was a flamboyant magician and was the son of a French shoemaker. He was the author of many mystical books that have since become classics in the field of magic and the occult. The reputation and legend surrounding him have continued to this day to be a fascinating part of occult history. It is said that Levi coined the word 'Occult'. His greatest contribution was understanding of the link between the Kabbalah and the twenty-two Major Arcana of the Tarot, which is still accepted by most Tarot readers today. Levi also saw Tarot cards as a tool for psychics to contact spirits and revelations about the past and future could be made. He strongly believed that Tarot was the key to the ultimate wisdom of the ages. His contribution to the study of the occult has created the bases of modern ritual magic.

Most probably the best known teacher of the Kabbalah was the Spanish Jewish psychic Moses Ben Shem Tov De Leon. It is thought that he was the original author of the Zohar, one of the principal works of the Kabbalah. The 13th century religious scholar was involved like others, in religious investigation. De Leon studied the Hebrew teachings of the Old Testament hoping to discover hidden truths and messages. He devised a system that produced secret information from the text base on words and numbers in a similar system to numerology, known as Gematria. He wrote twenty books, only fragments remain in museums.

A more contemporary figure amongst psychics was the world famous American psychic Jeane Dixon (1918-). Amongst some of Dixon's predictions was the assassination John F Kennedy, and Martin Luther King. She also saw the Apollo disaster in 2004 at Cape Kennedy. A prolific reader, she uses astrology, a crystal ball, dreams, psychometry and intuition to conduct her thousands of psychic readings.

Harry Edwards (1893-1976) is a well-known psychic healer in the United Kingdom. He continued throughout most of his life providing healing from his healing sanctuary in Shere in Surrey. His healing gift was said to be channelled by the guides of Pasteur and other medical practitioners, who guided him from the ethereal realms. He was also consulted by the British nobility and the British Royal family.

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