Family Tree of Psychics part 3

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Dion Fortune (1891 - 1946) began her study of the occult following a nervous breakdown at the age of twenty. The change from her strict Christian Science background to that of the Occult caused conflicts with her parents. She became a member and follower of Madam Helena Blavatsky's Theosophical Society, and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Which was considered to be the greatest and most influential magical order of all time. She began the society of the Inner Light, which is based in London and is very popular among witches and psychics alike. Her most famous and influential work was her book 'The Mystical Qabalah' written in 1953

The founder of the Society of Friends, the Quaker order was George Fox (1624-1691). Fox was born in a puritan family in Leicestershire England. At the age of nineteen he began receiving psychic information that he believed to be from God, who directed him that it was not necessary to hear Gods voice through the establishment of the church. He taught that people should follow their own Inner Light. He spoke out against the doctrine of Presbyterianism, slavery, war and the persecution of any religious groups. He was jailed many time throughout his life for crimes against the orthodox church of the time, for blasphemy, but continued to attract a large following. He continued to spread the word to North America and establishing Quakers groups across Europe.

The two people to have extensively promoted awareness of Spiritualism in the public eye, were the American psychic Fox Sisters, Kate (1841-1892) and Margarette (1838-1893). At the age of 7 and 10 the Fox family moved to a residence in New York. Within a short time they where hearing tapping noises. They devised a code to tap back, one tap meaning 'No' and two taps meaning 'Yes', three taps represented " Don't know". The spirit communicating with them was that of a peddler who had been murdered by the previous owner of the house. The Fox family travelled around the country, giving talks about spiritualism.

Eileen Garrett (1893-1970) believed that her psychic ability came from her unconscious mind, rather than people who had passed away, unlike the belief of other psychics. She is best known for her work with the British College of Psychic Science in London on ESP including Automatic writing and Telepathy. She was subjected to many tests at the Johns Hopkins and other Universities to test her psychic gifts. Her abilities were never disproved.

Uri Geller (1946-) is most probably the worlds most well known and flamboyant psychic, his reputation began with his psychic ability to bend metal objects such as forks and spoons, he is also able to mend broken watches and clocks by stroking and concentrating on the object. His gifts began when he was five, when he began reading his mothers thoughts after touching a spark from her electric sewing machine. He has submitted himself to scientific experiments at Stanford Research Institute under the supervision of leading scholars. He turned his attention to dowsing and finding precious metals and oil by using passing his hands over maps and land.

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