Useful Contacts
The BSY Group offers correspondence courses in psychic, spiritual and alternative health
U.S. Games Systems, Inc. is the world's largest publisher and source for tarot decks
The Spiritualists' National Union is a membership organisation run by its members for its members, to support and unite individual Spiritualists & organisations in a common goal; to promote Spiritualism through philosophy, science & religion.
To help prevent the addiction and disease caused by smoking
Recovery from alcoholism.
Advice on how to deal with debt problems
Fellowship of men and women who have a gambling problem
Provide confidential non-judgmental, emotional support
Relationship advice,counselling, sex therapy, workshops, mediation and consultations
National charity working to end domestic violence against women and children.

Free practical advice and support to men who have been abused.
Abuse can take many forms, including : Physical abuse, Neglect. Psychological abuse, Sexual abuse, Financial or material abuse, Discrimination, Institutional abuse
For individuals/ couples experiencing relationship difficulties; Marriage Preparation.
Support to anyone parenting a child
Provide a range of facilities and resources for Rape Crisis groups
Provides carers, those supporting them and others with information.
Support to improve the lives of millions of older people in the UK
Grandparents to keep in contact with grandchildren & supports those who are raising them.
For disabled people & their families
Concerned with improving the lives of everyone affected by mental illness
Support and information on practical matters to bereaved people
UK's leading HIV and AIDS organization.
The UK's Leading Cancer Information Service
For Relatives, Friends Concerned About the Use of Drugs or Related Behavioral Problems
Charity for homeless and badly housed people
Help enable you to locate missing persons, lost friends, relatives, workmates, forces pals, etc that are thought to be anywhere in the UK.
Family Tracing Service
Missing persons website to help locate missing persons everywhere
Prevention of cruelty to animals

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